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If you are looking to update the external walls of your property, you might be leaning towards having them rendered. The options can seem quite overwhelming.

Business Advertising Online has a network of local tradies that can assist you with your rendering requirements in Toowoomba and the surrounding areas.

Difference between rendering and plastering...

Rendering is the process of coating the exterior surfaces of buildings; a process used to waterproof and fireproof the exterior, as well as enhance the aesthetics. Render material is made up of the same ingredients as plaster but features a much heavier cement base, which makes it fit for external purposes. Fine sand and lime gypsum are utilised in the mixture in order to provide a smooth finish.

Render represents the final layer on exterior walls, and can be finished as smooth, flat, textured or patterned, depending on the requirements of the client.

Plastering is the process of coating the interior walls and ceilings of a building, so they’re fit for painting or wallpapering. The mixture contains less cement than that of render and utilises less coarse sand, which provides a lighter, smoother finish than its external counterpart.

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Quality Rendering

Quality Rendering Toowoomba

There are several different types of rendering that are popular today. The type of surface that the render is being applied to will determine the most suitable rendering finishes and materials for the project. An experienced rendering specialist will be able to suggest the best type of rendering for your home or commercial project, and then apply it using the most effective rendering process.

The three most common types of rendering today are:

  • Cement rendering
  • Acrylic rendering
  • Polymer rendering


These forms of render differ based on the addition of extra ingredients in the mixture for different purposes, depending on what is being rendered and the level of durability and flexibility required. For example, one type of render will be more suited to external walls than another, while another type of render will be better for areas exposed to more water, such as wet rooms.

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